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  • COVID-19: Luxembourg’s ambitious testing strategy to tackle the pandemic Statement 16/07/20

    Since the beginning of the sanitary crisis and, later on, as part as the deconfinement strategy, Luxembourg has adopted an ambitious testing strategy, composed of PCR diagnostic testing for those showing symptoms as well as large-scale testing aimed at identifying asymptomatic persons.

  • Luxembourg mourns the passing of His Royal Highness Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg (1921-2019) Statement 23.04.2019

  • Luxembourg Parliamentary Elections: 14 October 2018 Statement 26.07.2018

    On 14 October 2018, all Luxembourg citizens are called upon to directly elect the 60 members of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies (Chambre des députés). The Chamber of Deputies is the national Parliament in Luxembourg. The legislative elections are for Luxembourg nationals only and voting is mandatory for all registered voters. For those who are not on the electoral lists because they are not registered in a Luxembourg ‘Commune’, but who hold Luxembourg nationality: they have the right to participate in the elections, but have no obligation to do so. Voting by correspondence is possible for all voters who are not in Luxembourg on the day of the election. More information can be found in this article


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