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Luxembourg Parliamentary Elections: 14 October 2018

Published Thursday July 26 2018

On 14 October 2018, all Luxembourg citizens are called upon to directly elect the 60 members of the Luxembourg Chamber of Deputies (Chambre des députés).

The Chamber of Deputies is the national Parliament in Luxembourg. The legislative elections are for Luxembourg nationals only and voting is mandatory for all registered voters. For those who are not on the electoral lists because they are not registered in a Luxembourg Commune, but who hold Luxembourg nationality: they have the right to participate in the elections, but have no obligation to do so. 

Voting by correspondence is possible for all voters who are not in Luxembourg on the day of the election. Voters who want to take advantage of the postal voting system which has been put in place must send a request :
- to the Commune where the voter resides
- or to the Commune where the voter last resided
- or, failing this, to the Commune where the voter was born
- or, if none of these apply, to the City of Luxembourg. (This applies in principle for Luxembourgers who have recovered their citizenship via ancestry).

The request for postal voting for this October’s election must be sent at the earliest 12 weeks and at the latest 40 days before Election Day, i.e. between 23 July and 4 September 2018, for voters living abroad. 

The request can be made electronically via or by post (on plain paper or on a pre-printed form, which can be obtained from the voter's Commune of residence. A model form that can be used for any Commune can be downloaded here.

The City of Luxembourg’s online form, to be used by Luxembourgers who have recovered their citizenship via ancestry and have no Commune of birth or residence, can be found and sent here  .

The mailing address for sending a completed paper form to the City of Luxembourg is :

Collège des Bourgmestre et échevins
42, place Guillaume II
L - 2090 Luxembourg

The addresses of other Communes can be found on their websites.

Voters, in their request, must indicate their surname, given name(s), date and place of birth, domicile and the address to which the ballot paper should be sent. They have to solemnly declare that they have not been stripped of the right to vote. Voters residing abroad must provide a copy of their valid passport or identity card with their request.

The Commune will send the ballot paper by registered mail with return receipt to the voter, at the latest 30 days before the election, if the voter resides abroad.

The envelope from the Commune contains the following information:
- the list of candidates;
- instructions for voting by postal vote in a legislative election;
- a non-transparent, standard-type, duly stamped envelope;
- duly stamped ballot papers;
- an envelope, for the transmission of the electoral envelope which bears the indication "Elections - Vote par correspondence" (Elections – Vote by correspondence) , the indication of the polling station on the lower right corner of the envelope and the reference number, name, first name(s) and address of the voter.

The voter completes the ballot paper. To send the ballot to the polling station, voters must place the ballot paper, duly completed and folded, with the stamp showing on the outside, in the electoral envelope. The electoral envelope must be placed inside the postal envelope and sent by ordinary post. The envelope must be received by the polling station on the day of the election before 2pm at the latest. Please take into account that mail from Ireland to Luxembourg takes time.

The envelopes containing the ballot are kept by the postal services of the receiving polling station until Election Day. They are opened when the vote counting takes place. Late mail will be destroyed without being opened.

Additional information about ballot validity can be found here.